April 24, 2024

Addressing the Lies Men Believe

Start Your Men’s Ministry with the Ultimate Men’s Outreach Event at NO COST to You! Find out how with…

Brent Henderson's Hunting Truth Seminars & Wild Game Banquets


What "Hunting Truth Seminars" Do For YOU!

  • Brent's "Hunting Truth Seminars" are proven to bring MEN to Christ and transform their lives! These events combine a professional hunter, professional musician and a professional men’s minister ALL in ONE Power Packed Night!
  • "Hunting Truth" connects you with local sponsors to support the event with marketing, promotion and financial assistance.*
  • "Hunting Truth" provides hundreds of dollars of giveaways to participants and over $1,000 of giveaways at each Maximum Outreach Event!*
  • "Hunting Truth" provides you with all the marketing materials needed to promote your event including, videos, power point slides, posters and newsletters for email campaigns!
  • Best of all…"Hunting Truth" shows you how to host a "Hunting Truth Seminar" at NO COST TO YOU!
*Customized events can be created if not applicable.

Brent Performing at a "Hunting Truth" Seminar

Brent is also a Professional Hunter and Outdoorsman

Brent Speaking to a Crowd during a "Hunting Truth" Seminar

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