May 30, 2024

Addressing the Lies Men Believe


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I have spent much of my life working with men and gifted teachers of men. I could not relay more strongly how powerful and more importantly, how effective is Brent Henderson. Brent combines a mix of hard to top guy stories from his professional hunting background and adventures with spot on messages on the most important thing a man needs to know. On top of all this, his humility is genuine and the tools he gives are transformational and transferable. If you are looking for having long term impact on your men, Brent Henderson is the guy for you!

-Randy Phillips (Former President of Promise Keepers and Men’s Pastor at Life Austin church in Texas)

"Brent and I shared a music ministry together for several years. He is not only a close friend, but an incredibly talented singer/songwriter with an incredible heart for God."   
– Steven Curtis Chapman (5x Grammy Award winner)

"Brent has always been an incredible singer, but he's grown to have an even bigger heart for God."
– Bill Gaither (Gospel Music Hall of Fame)

"The idea behind our Sportman's Banquet Ministry is to change lives, either by seeing men and women rededicating their lives to Jesus Christ or beginning a new relationship with him. Our event hosted nearly 400 hunters and anglers this year and 58 people responded on paper!!! I know that so many more were impacted by the way God is using Brent and I heard many say that he is one of the best speakers we have ever had. God truly is using Brent in a mighty way."                                                                   – Erikk Master (Mount Calvary Church, Elizabethtown, PA)

"Brent Henderson demonstrates to me an ever expanding interest, passion, and heart for ministry to men. In the great outdoors, surrounded by streams, woods, and wilderness, God has communicated and confirmed His presence, His purposes, and His promises to Brent in powerful and picturesque ways. Brent has been wonderfully enabled to convey his “in the wild experiences”, coupled with God’s word, to help transform the lives of men. God’s story linked with his story unleashes a vivid and real life connection with men of all backgrounds. Twenty-five years as a professional musician, a lifetime as an avid hunter and fisherman, and an intense motivation to “bring alive” the hearts and minds of men for Christ provides an effective platform for high impact ministry. In the venues of men’s retreats, wild game dinners, hunter’s gatherings, father/son events, worship settings, or speaking at a combination of services or events, I highly recommend Brent Henderson as a gifted communicator, an authentic man of God, and an enthusiastic servant of the Kingdom."
– Rev. Vern Allison (Director, Western Pennsylvania Ministries of the Church of God)   

“Brent was BY FAR the best we've had!  He is TRULY a man with a heart for God, and a heart for men. Everyone at the banquet really enjoyed his stories, pictures and message. It does my heart good to know that other Christian men see things so clearly!”
– Mike (Pastor from Mississippi)

"I have spoken to so many men that felt they could relate to you…they thought you were "real" and spoke to them as a man and showed them a side of our Lord that they didn't realize existed. God has gifted you for winning souls"    
– Dwayne (Pastor from West Virginia)
"Brent Henderson and I have been teaming up as both partners and friends promoting Men's Ministry for 5 years. Brent has a heart for men and the tools to reach them. His passion for the outdoors and his musical talent is an unbeatable combination. You will only win with Brent Henderson."  
– Wade Nolan (AWP Educational Group, Whitetail University)  

"The way you presented the gospel last Thursday night was perfect. I brought my father-in-law who has a hard heart. He is a man's man in every way. The gospel presentation softened him in a way I have yet to see."
-Jason (Participant from Indiana)
"Brent Henderson did an awesome job mixing personal stories and outdoor adventure with the message of salvation. We can Praise God together as 14 people made 1st time commitments and 65 people made re-commitments to Christ that evening.  Brent's passion for the outdoors, adventure and for men and bringing all those elements together with the message of salvation was a blessing to many that evening."
– Andy (Pastor from Pennsylvania)

"What a great evening of acknowledging the unique make-up of a man’s heart. We are hard wired for adventure and Brent not only recognized it but gave credence and credibility to our quest for it. What a win for men’s ministry in our community. Clearly this was an easy invite for men to ask men to. Nearly 70% of those attending where not from the church and had no church affiliation."
– Keith (Pastor from Indiana)
"I just wanted to say thanks for coming. Your messages were awsome."
– Todd (Pastor from Pennsyvania)

"Brent was awesome! Everyone at the Wild Game Dinner really enjoyed his outdoor adventures, music and message. 
Over 450 men were captivated and on the edge of their seats and the way you presented the gospel was perfect. We 
had 40 Men make first time committments and 45 men rededicated their lives to Christ that evening. Brent is Real and 
has a Heart for Men and a Heart for God. I would highly recommend him."

Steve Patten (Word of Life Mens Ministry Team, Pennsylvania)  

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